Hospitality House

The Hospitality House, which will now house the Confluence Volunteers,  is centrally located in Franklinton at the corner of Town and Avondale. This intersection is at the hub of the neighborhood, sitting across the street from Avondale Elementary School, Gladden Community House, St. John’s Episcopal Church, and just one block down from The Franklinton Branch of the Award Winning Columbus Metropolitan Library.

The Hospitality House in partnership with St. Mark’s of Upper Arlington has a long history of being open and available for the community. Neighbors in transition, or out of town families in need of short term residence while a loved one was admitted to nearby Mt. Carmel Hospital, were free to use the home.

The house was repaired, repainted, and refurnished during the summer of 2013 to provide a peaceful and livable home to be the center of community life for the Confluence volunteers during their year. The summer break between the 13-14 and 14-15 Confluence class will see the house rewired with a new electrical system, a refurbished front porch, and insulation for the exterior walls. We are excited for how these changes will provide for a safer, more comfortable, and energy efficient home. The new work on the home is made possible by The United Thank Offering grant through the Episcopal Church.

Room & Board are provided during the Confluence Year including all utilities and internet.

Check out the following photos and the video tour of the house that could become your home for the year.

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