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Spruce Up Sullivant!

18 Sep

Confluence members are active in the Franklinton neighborhood! On Saturday, September 7, all five volunteers with Confluence were able to participate in Mayor Coleman and The Franklinton Board of Trade’s impact initiative alongside roughly 200 volunteers from various  Columbus organizations, hospitals, and churches. The initiative lasted all morning and included the creation of new landscaped areas, the removal of litter and debris, and giving nine storefronts a new facelift with fresh coats of paint. Here are some pictures from the day’s events, featuring your own Confluence volunteers painting and bringing new life to their valued neighborhood!


A garage on Sullivant is renewed with some help of the Confluence volunteers and fresh paint.


Confluence Volunteer Amour Inman carefully adds paint to window trim.


Confluence Volunteer Zach Leamy adds some green finishing to the window trim.


Confluence Program Director Jed Dearing poses with a paintbrush.

Meet the Volunteers: Amour Inman

21 Aug

What does Amour fancy herself as? (hint: it involves travel) What makes Amour tick? Where did she come from? Find out the answer to all these questions and more when you visit the Meet the Volunteers tab!


Meet the Volunteers: Stephen Hash

13 Aug

This post begins a first in a series on the five interns recently chosen for the 2013-2014 Confluence year. Learn what job Stephen claims prepared him for anything,  what his twin brother is up to now, and what his hopes are for his involvement with St. John’s on the Meet the Volunteers page.