Quittin’ Day

17 May

Do you know the Author Bob Goff? He is a dreamer and writer who wrote, Love Does and now has a new book out called Everybody Always.


I read his first book a couple years ago while I was in the middle of life transitions and sorting out some twenty-something stuff in my own life. His writing is a collection of joyful, uplifting, and real stories that help to bring perspective to everyday life.

My favorite lesson that I picked up and continue to carry with me, is to quit something every Thursday.

That is a lot of quitting.

“Something every. single. week?” You might be asking. And YES, I say! Try for something every single week!

This is going to look different for all of us, as we are all finding ways to use our time and gifts and talents and challenges differently, but sit and think for a moment. What is something (an activity, a meeting, an assumption, a bias, a club, a piece of clothing, anything) that you could quit to free up space for more love in your life? For more joy? Can you think of one thing? Can you quit it today?

This lesson from Bob feels similar to the parable of the Vine and the Branches that Jesus tells us in John 15:1-8. Jesus is telling us that God prunes the branches to make room for new life. God prunes that which has died away, and also, God also prunes the branches that DO produce fruit. God is pruning the branches of Jesus’s vines that produce fruit so that they may produce MORE fruit.

What can be pruned in your life to produce more fruit? What had its season and now is time to be trimmed back?

I think what Goff is trying to tell us, is that we have to free up some space in our life. He follows his command to quit something by adding, “You can’t be open to new opportunities if your life is full.
So, what newness could lie ahead that you don’t currently have room for?

What can you quit today to join us in self-discovery, vocational discernment, spiritual formation, and building community during a year of service through Confluence Year? 


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