Spring Cleaning

19 Mar

This past week I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the changing weather. I am a warm-weather person– I could stay out all day, shoes off and in a hammock, from sun up to sun down, if I could, when the weather warms up.

That is why I find it especially difficult to be from Ohio where you have about 2 months a year where that is feasible… and then a sprinkling of days throughout the rest of the year where you can shed your jacket and umbrella (and if you are incredibly lucky: both!!).

With the spring, in my mind, comes this transition of bringing the outside world to the inside.

In my life that looks like opening all the windows and bringing fresh air in to sweep out the winter stuffiness. At the Confluence House, that means Spring Cleaning! Back in January we started some construction and updating to make the house more comfortable for our Corps members.

Left: Rev. Reat taking a crowbar to that tile backsplash. [It didn’t even do anything to her!] Right: The “finished” before pic. Kitchen updates in full swing!

Here in March, we are wrapping up those renovations, clearing the dust as it has settled, and preparing the house for a new cohort of young adults!

Spring Cleaning gives us the opportunity to transition an old space for a new use and to see with clear eyes again. Over the cycle of the winter it is easy to settle in to life as we know it. But spring cleaning allows us to dust off our lens and find a fresh way of being in the world.

In a few short months, our Confluence House will become home to a new cohort of young, passionate, and excited adults who will come in with clear eyes. Our preparation in the meantime will help transition the space to new life.

Next month, we will bless our fresh space and we will share pictures of the new life we have created an opening for!

What parts of your life need a good spring cleaning?

How can this fresh, brisk air of an on-again-off-again springtime bring new life to you?

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