Shine a Little Light

25 Nov

Today we celebrate our partnership with the Mt. Carmel Healthy Living Center by having Confluence Year Episcopal Service Corps member Steven Simpkins shine a spotlight on one of his colleagues. Today, we spend a moment appreciating the great work Ami Peacock does through Mount Carmel Health on the westside of Columbus. Thanks Ami!

“It is only natural during this week of partner appreciation that the fearless leader of MCHLC receives a day in the spotlight. Ami Peacock is more than fearless as the manager of the Healthy Living Center. Ami is a confident leader full of love and compassion for MCHLC staff and the Franklinton community. That love should not be mistaken for complacency, Ami is driven and encourages the best work possible from staff. Another quality that makes Ami such an admirable leader is her ability to be humble and ask for help when she is not sure what to do or how to do something.


Ami is a supervisor who cares about people and where they are before talking about planning. Even when time is at a premium she takes a few precious moments to ask how someone is doing and expects genuine responses. That question seems to take on a sacred quality because of its genuine tone. In a world full of fast-paced consumption small questions are frequently taken for granted. Not so with Ami. Ami listens.

There is likely an endless list of things I could learn from Ami. If I could somehow magically or prayerfully obtain any one quality it would be living fully into my work. Ami takes a well-rounded healthy life seriously. She leads by example by carving out time for replenishing work or small breaks. Ami is self-aware of when stress begins creeping in and lets her staff know when she is feeling overwhelmed. Ami loves every single program at MCHLC. Hearing her talk about MCHLC is inspiring. If I leave MCHLC capable of feeling so strongly about my calling in life I will be indebted to Ami and MCHLC for everything they have taught and passed down to me. Regardless I will be forever grateful for Ami and the staff because they teach me something about myself everyday.”

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