A Day in the Life – Mt. Carmel Healthy Living Center

22 Nov

A Day in the Life with Confluence Year Episcopal Service Corps member Steven Simpkins at his placement with our fantastic neighborhood partner, Mt Carmel Healthy Living Center, made possible through funding from the Mount Carmel Foundation .

“There is a cliche saying that variety is the spice of life. If that adage is indeed true then MCHLC certainly ensures I do not have a bland work life during Confluence Year. There are three general areas MCHLC floats me toward. Each broad set of responsibilities is valuable and rewarding in its own right. Yes, even the data entry I do has recognizable benefit.

The data I electronically record tracks how many individuals come into the MCHLC library/resource center and for what purpose. This data when broken down will be able to easily communicate to others the impact the resource center has on the community and the care provided by MCHLC. The reports that are generated will allow MCHLC to maximize community benefit.

While working I tend to spend most of my time in the resource center. While there, I sit at the front desk and make sure visitors to Mount Carmel feel welcome. I answer any questions visitors have and provide directions when necessary. This work is critical for the space because so many visitors are seeking comfort and reassurance they are headed in the right direction. I have witnessed genuine caring and love in all the in staff-visitor interactions in the MCHLC library. Working in the library attracts people into the space for their own needs/wants/desire while allowing MCHLC to advertise the large variety of programs, classes, and resources offered.day-2-photo

I help with programs held by MCHLC in whatever way possible. Frequently MCHLC programming is all hands on deck. Especially in the hour or so before an event starts. The team works together to bring the best event possible to attendees. One thing MCHLC hopes to see me foster in the community is a relationship with Franklinton Cycle Works. Ideas for collaboration already being generated and intersectionality of missions is being noticed. Keep an eye out in the future for programs and initiatives that place an emphasis on healthy living, bicycling, food access, transportation access and more!”

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