Mt. Carmel Healthy Living Center Partner Appreciation Week.

21 Nov

We enter this week of Thanksgiving with great appreciation for our neighborhood partner Mount Carmel Healthy Living Center (MCHLC)! Confluence Year Episcopal Service Corps member Steven Simpkins is placed with Mount Carmel Health and all week you’ll get to learn about the great work the MCHLC is doing on the westside of Columbus, and his experience serving there.

“Imagine a hospital, health-care setting aimed at proactively keeping folks out of the hospital’s beds and emergency rooms by focusing on empowering patients to develop healthy lifestyle habits and encouraging holistic wellness. The goal of the Mount Carmel West Healthy Living Center (MCHLC) is essentially that. The MCHLC is located in Franklinton and designs programs for the community. MCHLC focuses on recognizing the social determinants of health for community members so the care provided addresses the most immediate needs.

MCHLC delivers care to Franklinton residents through facilitating programs and acting as a resource and referral center. MCHLC has wellness initiatives aimed at body, mind, and soul. Two highlights of the MCHLC are a monthly cooking demo and Moms2B. Attendees of the monthly cooking demo, of which there are consistently at least seventy, watch a meal be professionally prepared, hear from a dietician about the nutrition of the meal, learn about a specific health issue, eat a meal, and then are sent home with ingredients to recreate the meal at home. This program gives attendees the knowledge to make healthy eating decisions, which is critical because obesity is a significant barrier to wellness in Franklinton. Moms2B is both childbirth education and a support system following birth. Moms2B is held every week and intends to reduce the infant mortality rate.

MCHLC also provides free of cost classes in: zumba, tai chi, weight management, mindfulness and other stress reduction techniques, and a myriad of other topics. MCHLC does all of this with love, care and compassion that welcomes all walks of life. I truly think MCHLC believes we are all Children of God, and as such we all have a right to live healthy lifestyles capable of both preventing and managing chronic conditions. If you are interested in learning more about the Healthy Living Center please visit the following website:


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