Support Our Partner!

18 Nov

Learn how you can support the mission of the The Homeless Families Foundation and partner with our Confluence Year Episcopal Service Corpsmember Caroline Nagy in making a difference in the lives of children on the westside.

“With the holidays coming up there are many ways to give back, donate and or volunteer at HFF. For many of our families the holidays can be tough, but for people who would like to help it is possible to make the families have a much more enjoyable holiday.

By going to the website there are many things to contribute towards, one of them being the “Holiday Store” in which it allows the parents of the child along with a staff member and or volunteer to select free gifts for their children which ranges from newborn to age 18, the goal is to brighten over 190 children within the community so please if you are willing to give back please check out the website!

By donating more than just gifts HFF is always looking for supplies to give to those families starting in their permanent housing, and there is always a need for items especially if there are young children many of these things can be looked at on amazon which can be found on the website as well.

The final way to help out around HFF is to volunteer, we love our volunteers and are always grateful for those who come in and take time out of their day to help out at the center. We have over 30 volunteers that come in every week to read with the children in the after school program, but if you check out the website there are many other ways to volunteer besides reading to the children at the Dowd Center. To see what kinds of volunteer opportunities are available please check out website, we would love to have volunteers especially around the holidays!”


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