18 Nov

Our series on our excellent partner The Homeless Families Foundationcontinues with Episcopal Service Corps Confluence Year member Caroline Nagy shining the spotlight on her site supervisor. Checkout the great work happening below.

“My mentor and co-worker Erin Priest is the main reason I have this fabulous position at HFF. Erin is the Curriculum Coordinator at the Dowd Center. Erin serves as the librarian also. She is responsible for testing each child for reading placement to determine their reading level. Once each child’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, they are also assigned a Reading Mentor volunteer from the community. In addition to working one on one with the children, Erin also goes to monthly community meetings and seeks book donations, etc. ALL of her hard work gives the Dowd kids so many extras. She organizes reading contests and encourages all 70-75 children to read and improve their writing skills also. She has even encouraged me to start reading for pleasure again.

Erin has encouraged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and helped me gain confidence. She is helpful to me in both my job tasks and my personal life and I hope I help make her job easier. Working as Erin’s assistant has proved to be fun and creative. I have helped with everything from holiday events to everyday tasks like shelving books in the library. I am very fortunate to work with Erin and the entire staff at HFF and the Dowd Center because they are all diligent, hard-working, but most of all loving and caring.


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