Homeless Families Foundation Partner Appreciation Week!

14 Nov

This week we celebrate the Confluence Year partnership with The Homeless Families Foundation who provide a worksite placement for Episcopal Service Corps volunteer Caroline Nagy. Be sure to stop back each day this week to learn all about the good work Caroline is up to in partnership with The Homeless Families Foundation located right here in our neighborhood of Franklinton.


“The Homeless Families Foundation is a nonprofit organization that believes that no child should be homeless so the goal of the organization is to end homeless in which the best way to help end it is by stabilizing the families and educating the children and supporting the children with a caring community.

“Educates and nurtures children while empowering families to achieve stable housing and self-sufficiency”.

Teresa Dowd, Jan Wagner, and Mary Jane Carpenter founded the Dowd Center; they were concerned about the large number of homeless children and families in Franklin County. The organization started with having apartments as well as an all-volunteer staff that has changed since then. Currently HFF uses a model that puts families directly in permanent housing and from there continues to provide support for the families through case management until they are stable.

In the 90s the children’s program began which started as a two week summer camp which by 94’ if grew into a three day a week education and tutoring program and has continued to where it is now which is an after school and summer education enrichment program for kindergarten and middle school children. The after school program provides for many children along the west side of Columbus.

The center has 16 full time staff members and 11 teachers for the afterschool program; all who which help better the students as well as the program.”

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