Partners in the Work

After a brief interruption we continue our spotlight on Nicole Hamme and her work with Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS) during her year as an Episcopal Service Corps member.
“In order for all operations at CRIS to run smoothly and effectively, we rely on the hard work from our staff, interns and volunteers. It has been enjoyable getting to know my fellow employees and learning about their cultures and religions. Over half of our staff at CRIS were former refugees themselves! This creates a passionate environment because the employees genuinely care about our mission and have experienced this process from a firsthand basis.
Each year, CRIS also hires a variety of recent college graduates to fulfill service oriented roles, like myself. CRIS works closely with Americorps, Confluence and as of this year, the United Church of Christ. In honor of this being the first year CRIS has partnered with this organization, I’d like to introduce the new staff member that fulfills this role!
Meet Tyler Reeve, a Community Engagement and Resettlement Program Intern. Tyler works in partnership with Common Global Ministries of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church Disciples of Christ. As a full-time volunteer until September 2017, Tyler primarily organizes CRIS Welcome Teams, which are groups of people who gather to provide services to a family from the moment they get off the airplane. His most recent project is gathering speakers for the Refugee Speakers Bureau. These are gracious refugees who are willing to talk to community groups about their experiences moving to the United States and what it means to be a refugee.
“The goal is to show there is never the same story twice with a refugee family. Everyone’s experience is different and we like to show that through the personal narratives they offer.” He says.”
Caption: Nicole (Confluence) and Tyler (United Church of Christ) gather for a photo in the CRIS office.