A Week with Hanna Kahler at St. John’s Franklinton

10 Nov

St. John’s Franklinton received a Domestic Ministry Poverty Grant from the Episcopal Church to hire a Confluence Volunteer as a Community Organizer spearheading their efforts to transition from charity work in the neighborhood to Asset Based Community Development. Hanna Kahler is our 2015-16 Volunteer placed at St. John’s and below is her story.

St. John’s has served the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus for over 100 years bringing hope and healing to the community. They are centered by their common worship in the tradition of the Episcopal Church and they take seriously their fundamental biblical call to comfort those in need and to work for justice in order to alleviate those needs.

You can find out more about St. John’s by liking their facebook page, called St. John’s Episcopal and found here: https://www.facebook.com/saintjohnsepiscopal/?ref=ts

You can also see the St. John’s website at: www.st-johns-columbus@diosohio.org



The work that I do day to day is incredibly varied and includes everything from planning an asset based community development training for our partner churches, to helping local kindergarteners plant tulip bulbs in St. John’s community garden, to pitching in with the Franklinton Garden’s Fall Festival by helping out with face painting . However, everything that I do is driven by the overall purpose of getting to know St. John’s neighbors better in order to identify the gifts and talents that they bring to the table.

One thing that I really appreciate about St. John’s is the long-term commitment that its staff and ministry leaders have made to the community of Franklinton. They feel a genuine call to work here at St. John’s and are dedicated to continuing in that calling. In ministry work, it is easy to start a good work with great enthusiasm, and then gradually get burnt out and eventually leave the ministry. However, the people that I work with have figured out how to engage in ministry over the long haul without flagging. Between the four long-term staff, they have 35 years of collective engagement here in Franklinton.  

This experience brings a great richness to their ministry. They have experienced a wide variety of situations in the past, and therefore have a large storehouse of experiences to draw upon in facing current issues. They have also known some parishioners and neighbors since they were toddlers, and have a rich understanding of the neighborhood and its people. This length of relationship has fostered trust, and opened up doors that would simply be impossible to someone just stepping into the neighborhood. I especially appreciate my co-workers rootedness here in Franklinton because I only arrived here a few months ago, and am still sorely in need of the wisdom and sense of place that they have to offer.   


This picture shows a church staff meeting that included (clockwise from bottom) Jed, Will, Katie, me, Rev. Reat, and Meribah. We are working on creating a new website for St. John’s!



Perhaps the most important way that you can become involved at St. John’s is to come and spend time with us and with our neighbors. You come and connect your gifts and skills with the gifts and skills of the people of Franklinton.  

You can start getting involved by attending our Street Church or His Place worship services. Street Church is our second service and takes place on Sundays at 1pm at the corner of W. Broad and Central streets. His Place is our midweek service and happens at St. John’s at 6pm on Wednesdays. Both services are followed by delicious meals.

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