Windows to Heaven

25 Feb

Windows to Heaven

Henri Nouwen writes of spiritual disciplines that, “they are the effort to create some space for God to act.”

Over the course of Lent, the Confluence volunteers will be reading A Sacred Way: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life by Tony Jones. Each chapter explains the history of a specific spiritual practice, it’s theology, and how to incorporate that practice into one’s personal or communal pursuit of God. Each week the volunteers will read up on one spiritual discipline, and then practice it together following the community meal.

This week we read and discussed chapter 9: Praying with Icons. It was a rich conversation as we considered how God acts and moves through the material, and where the line is between icon and idol.

Each volunteer received their own unique icon to incorporate into their prayer life, and we took some time together in stillness and silence to ponder our icon, be present with the image of Jesus, Saint, or Scripture, and carve out the space to peer through these windows to heaven in an effort to create some space for God to act.

For more resources on icons, I encourage you to checkout…


Podcasts (Icons Part 1: Feb 3rd, 2009 & Icons Part 2: Feb 10th, 2009) (Episode 51-Icons: Aug 17, 2014)



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