A Reflection from Nora Anderson about COHHIO.

12 Jan


Nora and her supervisor, Douglas Argue.

Working at COHHIO has been a great experience so far. Because of the range of projects that COHHIO has a hand in, I can be working on designing an advocacy webpage one day and calling to get out the vote the next. I’ve also been able to travel around Columbus to help with trainings and charity fairs, so I’m able to share the work that COHHIO is doing with others, and hopefully they’ll support our efforts. Mostly, I use my skills in design to help COHHIO visually communicate its message.

Nora Anderson and her supervisor at COHHIO (and Deacon in the Episcopal church), Douglas Argue, encourage you to support the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio in one of the following three ways.

1. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and spread our social media messages as much as possible.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coalition-On-Homelessness-and-Housing-in-Ohio/111253932244739

2. Become a member of COHHIO for as little as $35, which entitles you to a generous discount to our annual conference. The conference is a great place to attend workshops on all kinds of housing related issues like veteran and youth homelessness, permanent supportive housing, housing for victims of domestic violence, and many others.

3. Finally, You can donate to COHHIO. These funds are used to fund our our advocacy work on issues like fighting payday lending, fighting threats to fair housing laws, and increasing the availability of affordable housing in the state. http://www.cohhio.org/donations

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