Shaped by Stories

5 Nov

A reflection by Confluence Volunteer, Carolyn May, on her work with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks.

Carolyn May

Carolyn delivering a press briefing on the results of a statewide hunger study to her Senator, Charleta Tavares’, office.

I love stories. And I love storytelling. I tend to be of the belief that stories are really powerful and maybe even have the potential to change the world. I guess maybe I’m still a dreamer in that regard. Even if they can’t change the world, I know that in the short 2.5 months that I’ve been working at the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, I have been changed by the hundreds of stories I have encountered.

Since starting here, I’ve learned a lot about the issue of hunger in Ohio and about the vastness of the issue. I’ve been struck by a number of statistics and I’ve been both encouraged and discouraged in hearing and reading about the responses to the issue by our legislators. However, the best part of working here so far has definitely been being involved in our storybanking and Paper Plate projects. Through the storybanking project I have had the chance to go out to local pantries and listen to the stories of people who are experiencing hunger or living in the struggle of trying to make ends meet.

In addition to hearing these stories, I’ve also had the chance to read hundreds of stories which have been written on paper plates which will soon be sent to legislators. Both of these projects have helped humanize the issue of hunger and have reminded me of the importance of the work being done by this organization. I’m thankful for these stories and for how they’ve shaped me. I’m thankful to get to be here and play a small part in some of the work being done by the association.

Checkout the work Ohio Association of Foodbanks is doing on their website.

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